Issue 2 :: Contents | Information | Acknowledgements


Tim Kahl :: Information Polyps
Laura Neuman :: succulents are microaggressions
CAConrad :: Scryer’s Invitation
CAConrad :: Security Cameras and Flowers Dreaming the Elevation Allegiance
Michael Brandonisio :: No Yes | Copy Machine Stretched Sonnet
C. John Graham :: Self
Ted Hiebert ::
Nico Vassilakis :: Compliant Letters
Howie Good :: After Phrases by Huxley
Cameron Price :: The Burthen of Past Existence
W. Mark Giles :: Sic Notice
Mercedes Lawry :: Bee Heist
Matthew Schmidt :: Square Pockets
Graeme Dearden :: CARS2216 Translation
Aimee Herman :: A Commitment of Vertebrae | An Erotic Equation
Tim Kahl :: Execution by Toy Helicopter
Contributors :: Biographies


Jessica Bozek :: [Looking away] | [If thirst is evidence]
Jon Riccio :: The Mood Room
Felino A Soriano :: Season
Tim Kahl :: Execution by Toy Helicopter
W. Mark Giles :: Sic notice
CAConrad :: Arboreal Crystal Aria
Nico Vassilakis :: Compliant Letters
Ross Robbins :: from Mental Hospital : A Memoir
Mercedes Lawry :: I am afraid of
JenMarie Macdonald :: from Wobble
Miranda Mellis :: Ergonomic Intervals
Hannah Baggott :: Multiple Sclerosis: Alternative Therapies
Ted Hiebert ::
Matthew Schmidt :: Square Pockets
Aimee Herman :: spectacle | a commitment of vertebrae | an erotic equation | romantique et trempe
CAConrad :: Security Cameras and Flowers Dreaming the Elevation Allegiance
Travis Macdonald :: How to Skin a Hummingbird with a Butter Knife | Why Newton Dropped Robert Hooke’s Portrait in a Royal Society Fireplace
Amelia Bentley :: Tonight We Are Delighted
Howie Good :: Music to My Ears
Tim Kahl :: excerpt from Information Polyps
Michael Brandonisio :: No Yes
Therese Bachand ::
Laura Neuman :: Asymmetry in cold stone did fold | apollo epicurius


Small Po[r]tions publishes short[er] work and multi/intermedia art. Each issue has a print component with a focus on book arts and an online component featuring selections from the print issue along with media work. Print copies of the journal can be purchased here.

Single issues are available for $10.
Four-issue subscriptions are available for $30.


Edited by Sarah Baker, Breka Blakeslee, Laura Burgher, Lynarra Featherly, Aimee Harrison, Billy Phillips, and Travis Sharp.

Small Po[r]tions is published three times yearly in February, June and October. Grateful acknowledgement to the University of Washington Bothell and Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas of Jik Ji Studios.

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