We are now reading submissions for Issue 9! 


For Issue 9, we invite experimental works that navigate neurodiversity and disability, non-normative bodies, minds, and mental illness. As we hold personal resonances with these identities and communities, we want to include work that embraces the complexities of human experience, work that resists and rejects hegemonic normativity, work that bears witness to our complex realities through complex and experimental forms of composition and of making. In a world of constraint, we seek writing that reveals our ways of being and creating.


General submission guidelines for Small Po[r]tions ::

  • Submit up to 1000 words [no more than 5 pages] and/or one audio/video/media work.
  • Poetry, prose, video, image, sound, and cross-genre are all accepted.
  • Submit visual art in the highest possible resolution.
  • Simultaneous submissions are considered, as long as you notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere.
  • If your work is accepted, please wait 6 months to submit again.
  • Note that we accept work for both the online and print versions of each issue, and all written submissions will be considered for both print and online. Images with color and multimedia work will be published online.
  • Small Po[r]tions reserves first North American publishing rights, and non-exclusive rights to reproduce, display, and distribute the work in print or other media platforms. Print rights return to the author after first publication in Small Po[r]tions.
  •  We kindly ask that Small Po[r]tions be acknowledged if accepted work is reprinted in a chapbook or book.



Letter [r] Press

Our prose-ish open reading period is now closed. We have selected WITHOUT THEM I AM STILL A MOTHER by Sarah Sgro (summer 2017) and SPACE STATION by Matt Broaddus (winter 2018) for publication. Future open reading periods will be announced here and on social media.

4 thoughts on “

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  2. It says at the beginning of your site, “[Accepting submissions for Issue 4 until January 18.]
    At the end of your site, it reads “The press is not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time.

    I am confused. Are you accepting submissions?

  3. Letter [r] Press submissions (for chapbooks) are separate from submissions to Small Po[r]tions Journal. We’re not reading chapbook submissions for the press right now, but we are reading submissions for issue 4 of Small Po[r]tions!

    The page has been updated to make it more clear. Thanks for pointing that out!

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