shelley feller :: TANGLED BANK & daily bugaboo jubilee
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“/ i was not me
but a fleet of me / sea me waving / half assailed in the whim”


TANGLED BANK & daily bugaboo jubilee is a thing living toward a “translation” of poetry’s ever-reigning miss america, Emily Dickinson, and the tipsy prom-date arm-candy I never had, Hart Crane. The project is partly inspired by Telephone Books’ “Manifesto of the New Translation,” which argues that we are “the guardians of a living treasure whose meaning must shift constantly or else die” ( The metaphorics of this call to translate, or dis-translate, our poetic inheritance seem queerly utopic in their zombie decadence—they necessitate a radical permission to unravel {the texts} & un/become however I feel/s. In dis-translating e-dick & candyman-crane through various procedures, I seek/s to rethink their encoded meaning in an effort to make of the texts my own tender nest (José Esteban Muñoz).

shelley feller is a former figure skater/gallery girl, & current MFA candidate at the University of Alabama, where they serve as poetry editor of the Black Warrior Review. their work can be found in Puerto del Sol, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Small Po[r]tions, & TINGE Magazine.