Cameron Price :: The Burthen of Past Existence

Artist Statement

“The Burthen of Past Existence” was born as a result of moving from rural New Mexico to San Francisco, CA. The film conveys the jarring dissonance I felt between inhabiting rural and urban spaces and the resulting disconnect I experienced. I sought to demonstrate this disconnect through using a computer to digitally “experience” Tintern Abbey. I filmed the ruin using Goggle images captured on both 8mm and 16mm film, which I later digitized. Through reciting excerpts of Wordsworth’s famous poem through my computer’s TextEdit feature and by creating the illusion of “visiting” the abbey, a dynamic of separation is evoked. For me, this sense of looking in from the outside draws allusions to the allegory of Adam in Eve in Genesis when the couple experiences the expulsion, and thus the disconnect, from the Garden of Eden. I drew connections between  this ancient biblical myth and the melancholia of leaving a place that I experienced as well as finding myself in a new environment which felt unfamiliar and sometimes threatening.

For more of cameron price’s work, visit his vimeo page.