Coco Owen :: Elucidary & Shane Guffogg :: At the Still Point #3


from late Latin ēlūcidārium, an introductory
treatise explanatory of a book or subject: Obs. rare
Oxford English Dictionary

If paintings are a light source which illu mine our thought space,
to e lucid ate with poe try is not to ex plain, but to h old a candle to.

I hold a can dle to t his work, a light unto [my id a guide into]

a shared dream state. I elucubrate (writing by candlelight), searching for words
to de cipher & ex plicate [un mask, un fold] the vision that we’re in art for.

Oh, L.A. is like an end less bad date at El Cid, the old Spanish restaurant on Sunset!
I order French cognac & o pen t he se l in es into Western dream ti me;

You paint the thou sand points of light of Tinsel Town.

For Mardi Gras, I ad opt a Carnival id as temporary ID.
The rest of the year I keep a lid on it. Perhaps you’d say I’m too a wake.

But minds con nect by firing their mirroring neurons. You com pose rock and roll songs;
I will too. If I translate from Ro man ce langu ages, so can you.

Wake up inside the luc id d ream our city is.

I saw light stream from y our pain tings. It made its own radiance,
which sp reads, infectious. You’ll be famo us for this light.

At the Still Point No. 3

At the Still Point WOP 3