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Melanie Hubbard :: A Child Pulses
Martha McCollough :: Valley of the Talking Dolls
Nico Vassilakis ::
Derek Beaulieu :: Fierce Indulgence
Zuzana Husárová & Ľubomír Panák :: Enter:in’ Wodies :: Interview
Aaron Boothby :: Machine (Plaisir / Lunar / Ahistorical)
Hank Lazer ::
Terri Witek :: Sweet Little Word
Therese Bachand :: Supreme Head Frequency
Nik Shier :: Learning to Grieve Considering Birth (excerpt)
Tom Jenks :: White Cat in a Snowstorm
Volodymyr Bilyk ::
Graeme Dearden :: Ghost Poem
Susana Vizcarra :: Mayan Dreams :: Interview
Contributors :: Biographies


Valerie Wernet :: Four Seasons
Maged Zaher ::
Nico Vassilakis ::
Robert Swereda :: vocabulary, ephemera.
Terri Witek :: After / Sweet Little Word
Selah Saterstrom :: Stillborns and Ghosts (excerpt)
Mark Jackley :: Last Visit to the Home
Hank Lazer ::
Martha McCollough :: Celestial Map / Adventures of a Cartoon Bee / Valley of the Talking Dolls
Amaranth Borsuk & Sarah Dowling :: Apportioning the Tensile Strength Vested in Duplicate Specimens
 Jacqui Au :: Hot
Sammi Myers :: Master’s Grace
Volodymyr Bilyk ::
Erik Bailey :: Sign Language
Aaron Boothby :: Machine (Plaisir)
Nik Shier :: Learning to Grieve Considering Birth (excerpt)
Derek Beaulieu :: Fierce Indulgence

Note: Certain pieces appear in part or in whole in both print and online.


Small Po[r]tions publishes short[er] work and multi/intermedia art. Each issue has a print component with a focus on book arts and an online component featuring selections from the print issue along with media work. Print copies of the journal can be purchased here.


We would like to thank the University of Washington Bothell’s MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics for financial, technical, and motivational support in creation of this journal. Particularly, we would like to thank Jeanne Heuving, Meredith Field, Kate Osmond, Amaranth Borsuk, Sarah Dowling, Alejandra Salinas, and Aeron Bergman.

Small Po[r]tions Editors

[Sarah Baker, Breka Blakeslee, Laura Burgher, Lynarra Featherly, Aimee Harrison, Billy Phillips, & Travis Sharp]