Thérèse Bachand :: Supreme Head Frequency

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Artist Statement ]

I took to making visual work last summer as I couldn’t find any words to use as a poet. My father had died a few months previous. He spent the first two thirds of his career as a lawyer, the last third as a judge. While we had discussed his cases when he was a lawyer, there’s a kind of code of silence among judges, even within the confines of one’s family. As a retired judge, he didn’t hesitate to share his opinions, such as his indignation at the Supreme Court ruling of 2000, which awarded the presidency to Bush.

The title of the piece came to me soon after viewing the image in the Los Angeles Times. Looking back on it, I was responding to the ritual of speaking or non-speaking that goes on between a group of people thrown together in very confined circumstances (spatial or psychological). I wanted to diagram the vibrations of unknown thoughts that traveled between them, regardless of words, gestures, or judgments. Each person has a distinct thread color, but they’re all “communicating” with each other. At the same time, I was reading Bolaño’s 2666, which beautifully demarcates a cast of characters in a kind of even keel perceptual text. Imagination doesn’t and shouldn’t halt at the border of ideology.I feel like I’m describing more the circumstances of inception rather than intent . . . I can’t say I’m that attached to intent. That seems more of a rear-view realization which often surprises me.