Susana Vizcarra :: Mayan Dreams :: Interview

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What role did text play in the creation of this project? When I started this project I was more focused on creating an image than writing a poem. However, once I had an idea of the image, words came to me spontaneously. I think the three books can be looked at as part of a whole piece, like a triptych, and the poem fuses them together.

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How does this project relate to your overall poetics? For my book trilogy, I used the personal journal style due to its flexibility. It allowed me to register my research findings about pre-Columbian Mayan art. I wanted to create a piece that encompassed my global perspective on this subject. I believe journals are a wonderful media to work with; you can use different textures in addition to words.

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What was the impetus/inspiration for this work? My devotion to Mayan art. Mayans created thousands of works of art that involved some type of ritual. For instance, they recorded their history in books called “codices.” Scribes methodically registered all aspects of their life in a ritualistic manner.

How did the gallery space you presented this in influence the work? The gallery called for a specific format: “single-sheet book show” and for the artists to depict their interpretations of ritual. What is a journal but a ritualistic way of recording your thoughts?