Madeline Vardell :: a delicate fabrication

Eve gets off / with the apple under a
little / half-moon a little crime on
the lamb / (her)e the quest was
quenchable / it was easy-peasy / get
her on the ropes and she’s jumping /
a necessary recess before the
chamber of / she’s got ‘em in
stitches hollering / I’m all lace &
wooden / nickels you saps / all you
lootin’ firebugs in the orchard of
burning / in the burning of books /
in the booking of / come on you
fucking powder-puffs / she doesn’t
need help to pluck with purpose / to
deny her this / an endowment
would be turning over a waste bin /
this space is to remind yous / she
didn’t spill the hooch / or cry into
her milk tugging at the straps of her
reality / ‘course there will be
rattlesnake stew / all dressed up to
feed / ain’t she wicked it turns out
everyone’s been fibbing / a library’s
burning / everything needs

Additional work by Madeline Vardell can be found in the print version of Issue 5.