Alina Stefanescu :: Me and Andrei Codrescu

Andrei tries to tell me about the healing powers of garlic– how cutting a fresh slice and placing it over a toenail every day for two years will kill any fungus. But I want to talk about Transylvania and why he looks exactly like three other men from the village of Bran and one of these men is named “Puiu.”

Puiu means chicken, says Andrei.

What about cățel?

Cățel is a dog. Almost a doggy.

You consider mentioning cățel is another way to designate a head of garlic then decide it best to stay away from the garlic.

Decide to take notes instead. Note his mustache smells of frankincense. Note he laughs in the haughty village style. Find yourself backtracking into garlic.

Fine. How many days of garlic would it take to cure a toenail fungus? You ask without hauteur but in a no-nonsense 80’s hair band school teacher kind of tone.

Maybe we are brothers, Andrei says now serious. Except you are a girl and therefore more likely to be a sister and yet there is a brotherness about you, a sub-lingual possibility of cock rock and bug collections.

You go back to the garlic.

Additional work by Alina Stefanescu can be found in the print version of Issue 5.