christopher funkhouser :: most serene congress


AVAILABLE 12/10/17 :: $8



A cassette and digital album featuring six produced poetic tracks {A-side} and a live recording of Christopher Funkhouser w/ Most Serene Congress soundtrack at Post Contemporary – Woodside (Troy, NY), 26 August 2017 {B-side}.

I have had the pleasure for the past 20 years—a bit more perhaps—to have spent them discussing, disagreeing, arguing, and agreeing about various aspects of poetry with our next reader. He knows more about poetry than almost anybody else I know. He has contributed more to the field of electronic poetry than anyone I have ever met, and in some ways could ever imagine—though there’s all sorts of things I can’t imagine. Still, if one were to begin somewhere in an investigation in electronic poetry I would say that you are fortunate to have come to this reading because this is perhaps the best place to start. At least it was for me.

—Douglas Rothschild,
Introduction for Chris Funkhouser / 26 August 2017  

Most Serene Congress is Leonard Nevarez, David Hirmes, and Chris Funkhouser

All recordings made and produced by Chris Funkhouser