from Try the yen relish :: Vanessa Couto Johnson

corporal vim

I don’t believe in arm days, leg days, chest days. My body is a (w)hole: I work fully with absences.

You say your body is not fit for downhill mountain biking. I explain that I refuse to bicycle, even if it’s a bike tour in Germany. I like my feet on the ground so much my shoes are heelless.

When a fly approaches your face, you break eye contact and say you are afraid of bees. I once saw a swelling from two wasp stings. Your arm is a natural large. Both arms are useful, but you do not swat.

I speak of the dead(lift). You say the movement makes you feel like an ape. You have the throat of a gorilla for a moment.

When I die, I want it to be the end. You want an (after)life if you can know what’s going on in the world. If you can be uploaded into the Cloud.

My mouth can access but can’t assess data. How many bits and condensations are you.

Originally published in Oxidant | Engine’s BoxSet Vol.1