Table & Funky :: Woogee Bae


Industrial transport from Route to
                             {pepper mill gallivant}

kind of lost endeavor, don’tchathink?

We’re seeing the pig meat as friendly face,
just as friendly on our plate. We’ve all seen that movie

—I just don’t want to talk about it
—You make me sick
—But let me take you
—Eat you out

because if we can lick each other, then nothing’s wrong

I take two licks                         &then

It’s weird intimacy, like nod your head if you agree
the way it dissolves (itdoesn’t) the way it shelters (yeah,maybe)

From where else would we get it?

&then again.                            your pretend




You say the word / Obvious / As if it’s so / Light emitting rerun / A separate name for that repetition / When this time, I mean, it’s sentimental, it’s a rupture / With the lime, please / Yeah, keep it open / If that patio is open / Take a step outside we forget the downpour / I think we could have been better / You said constituting a class / Some logical reasoning behind the black hole / Like after it works / And after work / A nimbus cloud that pulls away pieces / But you’re randomly left with two ships / You used to have twenty / Then we start to cry / Like sometimes, here, I feel like I’m writing my will / And you’re writing my epitaph and it goes / You’re a stone cold bitch but man they loved you / Part of it is always a lie / What are the other moments / Because we look at each other and we’re not different / Everyone else just is / And I’d still eat jellyfish / Sometimes / Like they wear that salmon which they have for dinner / So anyway we cry / That’s what makes all of this so / … / To reduce it to / The obvious / Something that proves / Affection / Relocation of a memory from when / Still I can never hear / The line in a song that burdens / Whom am I speaking to / Again / But did you see that hair / Did you see that vest / We run through the sequences / This newer corner / And you’re still talking and I learn / Where the source of it has been dismembered / Where transmission is part of / Faulty wires / We stand in front of another mirror / You read a line and the next and then we’re back to tears / I would do it again / You say / Or I say / It’s obvious