Joe Hall :: Christmas Carol



You know what? Find. I am anticop—and a cryofat
woodchronic neoplot lacxt goob picking
my own bibliogoogers and flicking them
onto the Christmas table.


I drove to the store in traffic, I walked through the
parking lot, through the doors, between the shelves, I
thought of the men between what you wanted
what I wanted, what your brother wanted, what
your sister would eat, what was seasonally appropriate
and available, last year’s leftovers rotting,
the hard shits I had for four days, prep time,
how big pots and pans, experience with different
bisections of breathing animals into cold meat, what name
of ancient grain might mean for taste, texture,
symbolic value to those at table…


Dinner cookie, later cookie, night cookie,
dream cookie, close


Why didn’t they go to work? Shut up and go to
work. I’m going to bring it up. Who can believe it?
What are you protesting? Every population has
good and bad apples, bad apples kill bad apples—
the rest make nominal applesauce.


Sucra-therms donk cold
eve colono-star-scape—talked
with friends one now lawyer
far land deal—curdulose moon’s vastus diarrhea thought
Edgar’s arms came out of shirt like
puffs, Jen had the compactness of a mountain
the other / Zelda / was he describing his knowledge
of Singapore’s energy infrastructure, oil refineries and
his lips sealed the envelopes for the totalicapitalist state’s
sovereign wealth fund bumping teeth like blue flame
baby? O sad cavalier! In the rocker of the forest
you, landlord, imagine yourself its green slave, its chloro-phalli
blooming in your nose that chugs.


Cookie, cookie, cookie


Sucra-therms donk cold eve colono-star-scape
ding the blessing old walnut-pensive face, lips
folded in—he told me he touches himself way more, he
puts in play a narrative of our relations defined by
something that amounts to greasy spoon strip clubs, I
don’t want to touch the masculine secret fire we might
blow into words but I was there a
spongy wicket of geo-electric lurch
a stutter bug to show you blank soup
my baffled patchiness
you want constancy but all you get is the
container of syntax, its contents shaken loosely
but this holiday dinner isn’t a search engine


Stays ten days, will have to clean the
toilets, ask about hip exercises:


line of ice
in the flower month

the child wore
a vest of syrupy

metal so cold it made
their own fingers stiff

in the diamond month
the line of ice

the child’s feet
in fur to make

a circle but find

only uneven rim
around a spinning, folded nova

of pigment the remains
of life are crushed into

turtle shell star
deepest astringent blood

of the woods’ night
in the bleating month

blind stumbling night
night we woke in a strange

room and hold our arms out
we could not see them, they brush

surfaces, meet vacancy
in a strange house

in the blind stumbling night

line of ice
in the child month


Why doesn’t anyone agree? Why can’t they
get over it? This is how it is. There’s just
bad people. Move on, get up. Go home.


stenofraked and fruckstioned.
the gravy is erased, the night a palimpustule
of scoil. flow home, viagnome,
in a caterwauling sump of somnesia,
to slide into thickets of digilose, to groom
to Dis, to Mastchaot.


Thought of water
$1.09 @ Sheetz

chapped lips.


Bad belly, night belly, I am growing
poopie, poopie belly, bad night sheets
chewing me