Patrick Milian :: from Form

Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your mouth’s name. As substitute, we may offer one from the following list: Lavinia.

Please hold the bottoms while we hold the tops and try not to assume “yawn” before “moan” in this deaf unrecognition. Your inability is not the result of  clipped  hair,  a  pair  of  boots,  or  a  necktie knot—all of which have been housed in the Museum. Your smudged black collar is a recently negative space.

We regret the loss of your hands when you buried the snake in ice cubes as well as that of your desi(re/deratum)—disciplined, prolonged as a gong- strike. We look forward to reviewing your careless, but not impolite, manner of speech.

additional work by patrick milian can be found in the print version of issue 6