Hoa Nguyen :: 2 poems

you can live a life or something

You can live a life or something like it
       Slow eyes
your mixed brown         like sand and stone

rock dust mixed from several continents

Look at you        you who see to my collarbone
Fragile that we are critters that exist

by eating energy     an every-moment-dazzle
a blue-violet delicious               deadly

Carve the many-seeded corner of

                 I am alive in this life to remain
        dropped pears

in the yard
                           glass jar full of lavender

coo coo
coo coo            We in the middle     and move


parting beneath this undone epic

October     alive
      I live and said so
Touched a beauty mark

     5 PM  Squirrel
crunch in amber leaves      (maple)
                             Low low sun

       What would you be
these shapes inside a jar-full?

The thought of love is eating wasps
                a stuttering zig zag

       Love devours a little or turns
variegated and buttered-simple

       as lemons are simple?

Whole and lived          Slices of flowers

Good-bye     good-bye