rob mclennan :: domestic haibun #1

Downwind. Cottage-coined. Or die trying. Slip, slip past the opposite. Does exercise. A few seconds of research. Interrupted. Coffee blend. The opposite of perspective. Rewind. Slipshod, rough and broken. Loose wheel. Spectral. Portraits, lose their focus. Blend of cat puke, hardened. Beneath the chair, an errant candle. Birthday. Song, such simple weather. Would invoke. A slapdash, wash. Hard grasses, clutch. The worn earth. A sustenance, of mornings. Ring those bells. Be mindful. Red sling, stretch sling, buggy. Held in combined hands. Just how alone can be. Mouth wide shut. Expand. The baby, wash. Narrative, narrative. Winter, summer, spring. Extend. Not in that order.

Soft portions. Cupboards hoard.