Julia Laxer :: Fossils

fossils found in:

the abdomen of every woman
the roman candle of a man.
a psychotic disorder in
the slim-hipped ambivalence of
a 6-year-old child, affecting the moods
in lapping water
of swimming pools, everywhere.


the rumble of Little Rocky Run,
the tremble of Aspen Hills.
headlights sear sky,
scars hide well.
suburbanites locked and makeuped-on.
paved little carcass.
TV dinner carcrash.


(which may

extreme highs
extreme lows

i poured pavement over you.
and how?


Springfield blueprint
jogging trail
derailed deer.

cutdown tree teenage

nasty place.

bunny hole.

pot lot.

feels continually elated

chain link fence acid butterflies

the depressive phase of the
woodchip hush, such a
unfulfilled crush,

such a
belly-shirt compliment.


never tell
logs not tied.

i stood round
in a


lifted some
body that wasn’t

This piece also appears in print.

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