Sarah Sgro :: Without Them I Am Still a Mother

Without Them I Am Still a Mother explores a vision of maternity which exists outside of traditional partnerships and the nuclear family, feeding instead on loss, depression, and complex sexual identity. It is hybrid and intertextual, incorporating excerpted and collaged language from queer theorists, plant life experts, and adolescent psychologists. The chapbook’s most notable underlying source is Lee Edelman’s book No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive, which argues that queer people are best off embracing death and rejecting various forms of conventional reproduction, including child-bearing. While this rebellion is potentially liberating, I reject the romanticization of death—even in an self-affirming sense—given the real threats of violence faced by the queer community to which I belong. In Without Them, I seek out an alternative path to empowerment which rejects heteronormativity while celebrating endurance and survival.

Sarah Sgro lives in Oxford, Mississippi. Currently, she serves as Poetry Editor for the Yalobusha Review, co-hosts the Broken English Reading Series, and reads poetry submissions for Muzzle. She is from New York and previously worked as an editorial assistant for Guernica. Her work appears or is forthcoming in The Offing, The Boiler, DREGINALD, Tagvverk, Muzzle, TYPO, and other journals.