Steven Alvarez :: 3 poems

yr citizens, denizens

0:02fats well settled
0:05five days of the final status
0:09september the
0:10slept right there in front of ralph sat-sun seven fifteen if that pink
0:21it’s not about making you looking for
0:23and report was not included
0:26and out of the no-fly list
0:29scene is not taking away their madonna
0:33stuff like that
0:34trying to do what you are not allowed to come
0:38firing off my lifestyle nigeria
0:44these are citizens of the united states championship
0:49which is issued from former democratic fight hackers are children before you
0:55think you have to have a very appealing
0:59situated humans who harvest of food for the best friend people in the world is


yr partners
farmer look at this
                                              1:15we used
to all harshly
                                              1:17now we
got rent
secretary of labor looked at the migrant
plight and said
                                              1:24i think
that the greatness is what i have called it
d american
cried out
and their children and their lives

                                              1:42and uh…
whom the quite fascinating
president of the american farm bureau
federation the largest farmers
tions as
                                              1:52i think
that uh…
those social workers would agree that it’s
better for man to be employed
                                              1:58even if
his capacity of salt shows


yr combo we took the position

2:08that is far better to have problems
2:12ferrara practically on adorable
2:14finding some
2:16throwing some productive work
2:18for at least a few days here
2:21measures are not part of it
2:24an engineer jersey and new york
2:28who’s in nineteen sixty-eight
                             grapes of wrath
2:30that begins at the mexican border
                             in california
2:33an engine oregon and washington
2:36competitive the story of man and
                             woman and children
2:40work a hundred and thirty three
                             days of the year
2:43and the fabric nine hundred
                             dollars a year
2:50playwright truck
2:53they follow the sun
2:55the migrants
2:57workers in the sweatshops of the
2:59the harvest of change

additional work by steven alvarez can be found in the print version of issue 6